When You Try To Take Over The World…and it backfires…

A lot happened this weekend, a LOT. Some of you may be aware of the controversy currently raging in the romance community, and some may not. For my part, I will not open myself or any of you up to the attacks I’ve seen taking place. Writers are afraid and angry, one-star reviews are tanking books, and ugly words have been thrown around.

I won’t go into it, as I said, I want to protect you and myself from those kinds of attacks. What I can do is say what I support and don’t support, and hope you understand…

*I do NOT support the bullying of authors in any way, especially indie authors by anyone with what may be perceived as more clout. Ever. Period. End of the story.

*I do NOT support bullying by anyone, on any side of the debate. There are proper channels to deal with what has happened this weekend, and I support those channels in every way possible. Have opinions, please express those opinions, because without those voices real progress may get lost in the crowd. Whatever side you are on, please, let your voice be heard. Just please, be respectful about it.

*There could be/will be legal ramifications from all of this. Keep that in mind. Also keep in mind, no matter what you delete, the Internet does not forget.

*I will always be an advocate against injustice. Whether I do that openly or behind the scenes, do not doubt that I am fighting for you.

*The most important thing to me is protecting OUR rights, all of us, not just the side that believes they are correct in their beliefs. The romance community can, has, and will come together to make sure that we, as writers, and you, as readers, can have exactly what we want, uncensored and without threats.

Finally, I just want to say, not everything is written in stone. Ever.


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