The Bear’s Instant Bride by Amy Star and Simply Shifters. Free Right NOW!

**This is book is free at the time of posting, but that is subject to change without notice. Get it while you can! 

Get The Bear’s Instant Bride HERE.

A Sexy Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance With A HUGE Twist! Must Read! 

Cara Foster had given up on life.

So much so that she signed up to be a “mail order bride” in order to finally meet a man that wanted a family. Nothing else had ever worked for her after all.

However, Cara did not expect that a gorgeous man called Holt Carson would instantly propose to her and have her walking down the aisle within a week.

And she certainly did not expect a big surprise on their wedding night when she saw Holt naked for the first time and discovered his furry little secret….

Can being a mail order bride to a WereBear really work? And just why was Holt so eager to make Cara his bride so quickly??
The answers would soon reveal themselves and they would be truly shocking…

Scroll up now and download right away to start reading and find out!


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