Secrets by Miranda Bailey

Secrets is .99 or free with Kindle Unlimited, at the time of posting. It’s full of steamy, paranormal goodness, so if that’s your thing, you really should check it out…GET IT HERE!!

An open marriage, kept secret from the only woman that ever mattered, until she’s on the verge of breaking.

Then, and only then, are all of the secrets revealed.

Will this unusual couple break young Alayna, or give her more than she could have ever hoped for?

Alayna, has a secret or two of her own, secrets that make her a part of the others, those that hide in the shadows. She escaped those shadows, and her pack, but can she escape her own desire?

Daniel, has quite a few secrets, himself. Ones he doesn’t plan to reveal.

Antanasia, with the biggest secret of them all, has control of the string in this marionette play. But how will she pull them in the end?

Secrets abound, but can they be unraveled?

Warning: this is an open marriage, FMF menage romance with explicit scenes. If these things bother you, this is your warning.

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