Sabina’s Ex-Con: Bear Club 2 by Miranda Bailey

I turned into a really busy person lately, really busy, so I’ve let this site go for a while, but today, I thought I’d catch up a little and post some of my own work that I’ve released lately.

This one is the second book in Bear Club and you can get it here...

Bear Club is its own universe, a place that only appears to those that need it. Not long ago a young woman walked into the club and found two of the most beautiful men she’d ever seen in her life. But those men had a sister, one by blood and one by choice. A sister with a need, a need to be loved, by anyone, by all, but deep down, she needed the love of just one. For a brief moment she’d thought that woman was Trudi, but then Trudi goes for her brothers. Will anyone ever come for her?

A man in need, with secrets to share, changes everything. But will he bring the taint of the human world with him, a taint that stole her parents from her?

This is a super-sexy, tough as nails, bear-shiftery tale full of steam, and a HEA, meant for 18+ audiences ONLY. There are no cliffhangers, but this does tie in with Bear Club 1, so if you love this one, be sure to check that one out too!

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