Notes From Miranda…

It feels like 41 degrees with the wind outside. Not the best time to mop the patio, but it needed doing so out there I was. Freezing my, well, my whole body off. Still, freezing cold or not, with wind so fierce it feels like it cuts right through you, I still found a reason to smile. I’m not covered in snow, the ocean is bright and sparkly today, and people are still taking their morning runs on the boardwalk. It’s not so bad.

That’s all really, all I wanted to say, anyway. Sometimes you have to look for a reason to smile, but there’s always one there. The wind is so strong the dogs can’t settle, it’s chilly, and we’re all inside looking for a super-awesome book to keep mommy warm. Dogs can’t read, you know? Well, mine can’t. 🙂

Let’s find a book shall we?

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