Bear Canyon Complete Series by Terry Bolryder for .99 Right Now!

This boxset will give you hours of enjoyment, so get it while it’s still .99! You can find it here so get it today!


The Bear Canyon series stars sexy, stubborn bear brothers and a tiny mountain town with lots of secrets. Each standalone romance contains heart-pounding action, sexy scenes with tons of heat, and a satisfying ending that won’t leave you hanging.

Sheltered by the Bear

Riker Brolin has always been the responsible one of his brothers. Whether it’s watching out for the entire, tiny town of Bear Canyon or supervising the annual Brawl, he does it all without complaint. That all changes when a curvy human woman somehow wanders into Bear Canyon, drawing the attention of every hungry bear shifter in the vicinity, including himself.

Craved by the Bear

Rosalyn is used to leading a quiet, comfortable life in Bear Canyon running the town’s favored watering hole. With her father’s waning health, she needs to take a mate, but her heart is stuck on the one man she can’t have. Rock Brolin, a man who makes drunk proposals but never stays in Bear Canyon. But when Rock shows up unexpectedly to save Ros, everything might just change…

Redeeming the Bear

Ryland Brolin is a walking time bomb. For years he’s kept the monster inside him locked away, allowing him to create a vast business empire and interfere in benevolent ways in his brother’s lives. Now he has one last thing to do: shut down the Bear Canyon Brawl and end the violent legacy their father left behind. The only problem? In the process, Ryland has finally discovered his mate.

Secrets of the Bear

Francis has finally settled down in the mountains of Bear Canyon. With his winnings from last year’s infamous Bear Canyon Brawl, and the Brolin brothers having left him in charge of running the small town, the only thing left is finding a mate to share it with. But he never expected just the right person to show up on his doorstep in a thunderstorm, desperate for his help.

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