A Lot Has Happened!

Life got way overwhelming for me around the time Wruin was released. A family illness, a constant supply of stress, and the need to find a new home has taken up my time. I’ve also published quite a bit, with the latest being Taka, the final book in my Brothers of the Dark Places series. Endre, the second book, was also published and you can find that over here…you can find a few other little odds and ends over there too.

I’ve rewritten Bear Club and added to it, with the intention of making it a series as well. Bear Club 1 will be released in February, and the rest will come between March and May. We’ll see how it goes, but I think you’ll like the changes!

So yes, busy as a bee in my world, lately. For now, I’m off to rest my brain, but I hope to be back soon! Take care and until next time…


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