Different Kind of Vampire: Paranormal Romance Kindle Edition by Eve Forrest for .99!

I really want some emojis and pretty things for this blog but WordPress doesn’t seem to offer them. So, instead, I’ll just keep finding pretty covers, shall I? I’ve found a new release in the vampire genre for you. Interested? Click here

He’s tall, dark and irresistible. He may not be my kind – but he’s just my type… 

Indulge yourself in this naughty, steamy standalone. This taboo shifter romance is between a vampire and an untouchable drop-dead gorgeous hunk.

You would think that vampires could only love other vampires. They don’t.
You would think that all humans feel threatened by vampires. They don’t.

True love is real. True hate is real.
And I am about to find out how true that is.

I am a Vampiress who has betrayed her flock.
I did it all for love.

Why is forbidden fruit the most appealing?
Why couldn’t I just resist him?

I took the blood oath to never cross the line by being with a human. Not only do I want to cross that line. I want to break all the rules that hold me back – don’t you too?

Seduction is a two-edge sword, and I am about to find out which side is sharper.

Being different can make you feel like you are in a prison. Being different can also be the most sexually liberating thing you can ever experience.

Will this seductive secret shatter me – or make me whole?

This is a standalone paranormal romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and with a guaranteed HEA ending plus exclusive bonus books for a limited time only.

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Please Note: You Don’t Need A Kindle Device to Buy this Book. It’s Available for Immediate Reading By Downloading A Free Kindle Reader to Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

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