WereGenes – The Complete Paranormal Romance Bundle Kindle Edition by Amira Rain, a .99 Boxset!

I love a good discount and today I’ve found an entire series available as a boxset, for just .99! That price won’t last, I’m sure, so grab it here, while you can!

What if you woke up tomorrow and discovered you could turn into a dragon? Or a bear? Lion? Wolf? 

This is the crazy situation that our heroines find themselves plunged into in each of the 4 books from the top selling “WereGenes” series by NYT bestselling author Amira Rain.

Every book from the series included in this download, so do not miss out. Get addicted now!

In a world where some humans are blessed with a special gene that allows them to shapeshift into different forms…
Kylie Donovan has just discovered she is a carrier of “The Dragon Gene”.
As a result she is being forced by the government to mate with a male carrier of the dragon gene called Matthew in order to produce a special “super” baby that will have two sets of the gene.
However, some genes should never be combined and the results of this match up could be about to threaten the existence of the planet and dragon-kind as they know it…

With the public becoming more aware of the existence of “WereGenes”, Samantha Miller was the latest human to have herself tested.
And the results were shocking.
Not only was she a carrier of the BEAR GENE but she possessed the rare “Supergene”.
And as a result the government were offering her a substantial cash payment if she were to become the mate of handsome WereBear Chief Reed Wallace.
And it was an offer so good that Samantha simply could not turn it down…

What if you woke up tomorrow and discovered you could turn into a Lion?
Hannah Erickson was just a normal girl living a normal life.
But that life was turned upside down the moment she found herself kidnapped and told she was a carrier of “The LION Gene”. A rare gene that gave her the ability to turn into a Lioness.
Now, she is in the custody of handsome WereLion commander Joshua Scott who claims they have important work to do.
First job, is to bring the inner lion out of her.
And he knows how to do that, in more ways than one…

What if you were a werewolf but you didn’t know it yet?
When Tiffany Abbott found herself kidnapped by government agents she had no idea what was going on.
She was thrown into a cell with a handsome stranger named Nick who appeared to know more than he was letting on.
What Tiffany was about to discover would shock her…
She was a carrier of the WOLF gene which meant she was a werewolf. She just hadn’t been activated yet.
And her cellmate Nick knew just what to do to bring the wolf out of her, in more ways than one. 😉
But was this precisely what the government wanted to happen?

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