Sounds Of The Night Kindle Edition by Miranda Bailey Free Today! **Featured**

That’s right, this is my other baby, the continuation of Moans in the Night. Get it while you can! It’s only free for a limited time!

The world has died, but love remains.

Time has left the survivors with an overabundance of goods, but scarce resources when it comes to trusting new people. Are they friend or foe? Even as the undead population declines, the question remains: can you trust the living with those you love?

For Isadora, Jacob, and Samuel life has gone on, but they’ve paid a price for the love they offered. A hole has been left by the disappearance of Zyana. Months after she’s left, Isadora still wonders, did Zyana just leave or was the woman taken?

As the sounds of the night keep her awake, Isadora wonders, where did Zyana go? And what creature can make such terrible sounds? Sounds that make Isadora want to scream too. A chance trip, a man with evil in his eyes, and a choice await Isadora, Jacob, and Samuel. Is survival more important than love, and can love survive after those choices have been made?

Author’s Note: This is a short story with mature contents, intended for adults only. A selection of bonus books available in this copy to extend your reading pleasure.

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