Only Human Kindle Edition by Jenya Tilar Free For Now…

Brand new and waiting on some love. Will you give Jenya a chance and adopt this book? Give it a review maybe? Look at it, sitting there all lovely and without any kind of love! I’m getting it to put on my vacation list! 🙂


Max had lived in Seattle her entire life. For years, she struggled to find a normal life for herself having been raised by a cruel and abusive father.

One night, as she walked home after a particularly bad fight with him, in which he told her she was forbidden from seeing her younger brother, her anger unleashed a transformation she didn’t expect. Suddenly, her senses were keener. She was stronger, faster. Wolf-like. The rest of the night was blank.
She woke up underground and was introduced to her true identity, as well as an entire world of others just like herself. They called themselves the Rexin and were led by Tulayna, young but strong. Tulayna offered to train Max to control her new abilities, under one condition: that she not leave until that training was complete. Max wanted to go back to rescue her brother, but Tulayna might be the one thing that stopped her. At least for the time being.

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