Ravensdale Kindle Edition by Daphne Van Diemen (Special Price of .99)

Looks like I’m sticking with vampires today. You can get this little treasure here. It was .99 at the time of posting but that looks like it might change soon…

Ravensdale, a remote seventh century castle on Ireland’s windswept west coast, is shunned by the locals because of its dark history. Strange stories abound–of battles, bloody sieges, dissolute novelists and terrible crimes. Only the ravens come here, circling over the crumbling castle, turning the sky black every evening as they fly home to roost.

Determined to finish up her thesis, Gothic scholar, Lucy Donoghue, abandons the comfort of her Dublin life to tour-guide at Ravensdale for the summer. On arrival, she is shocked at its dilapidation, but her spirits are lifted by Owen, the attractive caretaker, who’s only too happy to show her around.

But the peace is shattered when the famous, dashing actor, Dylan Winters, and his film-crew come crashing onto the scene… as well as Owen’s formidable grandmother. While the intense actor prowls the hallways preparing for his role as Jonathan Harker in Dracula, teen Goth-girls throng the castle, desperate to catch a glimpse of him. Lucy tries to hide her own reluctant attraction to the actor.

When a girl suddenly disappears, all fingers point at Dylan, but Lucy defends him. But as the summer unfolds, and sunny days turn to stormy weather, Lucy is left wondering whether she’s been blinded by infatuation and made a dreadful mistake.

Can she uncover the truth to rectify her mistake in time, and what is the truth anyway?


Inspired by Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, this atmospheric tale with a twist of mystery will enthrall Gothic literature and Gothic romance lovers alike.

Scroll up to get free on KU or for the special release-week price of $0.99 today!

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