Camp Jameson (Camp Jameson Series Book 1) by Wendy Lea Thomas…a .99 selection.

This caught my eye simply because it is so very different! Check it out for yourself here! Camp…for grownups! Now that sounds like an incredible time!

Camp Jameson… an exclusive, luxurious place where all your sexual fantasies can come true.

Kitten… female newbie to Camp Jameson.
Cub… a male newbie to Camp Jameson.

Aria Mason… a sexy, young Kitten… just learned that she was tricked by her best friend into coming to Camp Jameson for the summer, and there’s no way out. The camp is in lockdown for six weeks.

Then she see’s him. Nate Gregor… the man that broke her heart last spring after a one-night stand. And she wants nothing more than to get out of this place.

But she is stopped by Avery Jameson… billionaire, sexy owner of the fantasy camp. Avery wants a new Kitten. Her name is Aria. She’s young, innocent, inexperienced, and oh… what he could teach her.

And Avery always gets what he wants.

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