Shifter Seduction Vol 3 – 8 Book Paranormal Romance Bundle (Simply Shifters Box Sets) by Simply Shifters-Limited Time Offer for .99!

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We did it again! Another HOT bundle of steamy, seductive shapeshifter goodness.

This is a collection of bestselling paranormal romances from the past 12 months and there is something for everyone. WereWolves, WereBears, Dragons and even Snow Leopards!

We are looking at one of the best value deals in shapeshifter romance history, do not miss it!

WARNING: The adult scenes included in shifter seduction volume 3 are set to a SIZZLE level! 

1 The Wolf of her Dreams – Lucy Fear 

Gia Daring was a female werewolf who had been having recurring dreams about a special werewolf named Matthew Gray who was the only wolf on the planet who could impregnate her.

And as these dreams became increasingly regular and even more vivid, Gia started to realize that the wolf of her dreams might just be real.

Now she just has to meet him…

2 The Lion Must Die – Angela Foxxe 

My name is Sabrina Coates and I am an undercover assassin who has been ridding the world of rogue WereLions all my adult life.
My latest target is Paul Vincent, the leader of the LEO organization.
Paul may have a gorgeous face and a chiseled body but all the facts point towards him being evil and for that the lion must die!
The only problem is that to be able to kill him I will have to get close to him and to get close to I will have to seduce him first….

3 Infiltrating The Alpha – Ellie Valentina 

When investigative journalist Sierra Southworth went undercover to infiltrate a pack of wolf shifters she knew she was risking her life to tell a story.
However, as she began to get close to the pack’s alpha Paul Wyatt she soon realized she was also at risk of losing something else. Her heart….

4 The Lions Of Los Angeles – Lilly Pink 

When WereLion Evan McKay found Lily’s scent to be irresistible, he knew he had to stop at nothing in order to claim her as his.

However, Evan was not the only WereLion in Los Angeles. The city was full of lions that would do anything they could to get a piece of this fresh piece of human meat also….

5 Bonded By Snow – JJ Jones 

When Tashi found herself abducted by a group of thugs, it seemed like she would never get out of this situation alive but her prayers were answered when a snow leopard arrived on the scene to save her life.

Little did Tashi know, it was Jay who saved her life in his snow leopard form and this was to become the beginning of an extra wild ride for the both of them…

6 The Dragons Stolen Mate – Jade White

After her family’s castle was attacked by shadowy monsters, Eleri was missing and presumed dead. Little did her family know, Eleri was far from dead. She was STOLEN.Handsome shapeshifting dragon Carwin found Eleri in the carnage and decided to take her home with him….

7 Basket Bear – Amy Star 

Like everyone else, Taryn had no idea that Basketball’s hottest (and sexiest) new talent Paxton Steven was a secret shapeshifting WereBear.
And when Paxton realized that Taryn was his fated mate, it was not going to be a secret for much longer…

8 The Dragon In The Fire – Serena Rose 

After being attacked by a gang of thugs Eileen was relieved to find a handsome stranger named Drake came to her rescue.
But she barely had time to thank him when the thugs returned for revenge and this time set Drake on fire.
With her newly acquainted hero in flames, Eileen feared the worst.
However, when Drake emerged from the inferno without a scratch on him he had no choice but to reveal who and what he really was…

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