Today’s Freebie! Dragon Hunter (Dragon Guild Chronicles Book 1) by Carina Wilder

It’s hot in my part of the world today! On top of that, there’s a huge fire not far from my house, and well, time’s slipping away from me and I’ve not kept up with the site well this weekend. My apologies for that, but I have to take care of myself in this heat, AC or no.

Today’s freebie selection is one that’s going on my three months of vacation that’s turning into a year list. Check out this super-sexy dragon shifter! Click right here!

Neko is a skilled, powerful Hunter who’s always kept to herself. When she’s hired by a stranger to take down the most gorgeous, alluring man she’s ever met, her life becomes more interesting than she ever bargained for.

Lumen is a powerful, gorgeous Dragon shifter, one of the legendary Kindred. As Alpha of the Dragons’ Guild, he has responsibilities to his own kind and isn’t looking for a mate. That is, until he meets the beautiful, dangerous Hunter who’s been hired to take his life. To complicate matters, he can’t stop thinking about her, and his inner Dragon is pretty sure they’re meant to be together.

Will unrelenting desire win out over duty?

This book is approximately 91,000 words long. Warning: Nudity, sexy times and lusty Dragon shifters ahead.

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