Reader Army Badboy Romance Giveaway!

A great opportunity for avid readers to win a grand prize (Kindle Fire HD) and 35+ Bad Boy Romance Books!

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Brittany Dreams
Ashlee Price
Amanda Horton
Josie Litton
Angela Blake
Lindsay Rose
Alyna Amorosi
Lillie Love
Layla Valentine
Sarah J. Brooks
Tara Wylde
Samantha Andrews
Danielle Pearl
Eva Luxe
Holly Hart
Faleena Hopkins
Mia Ford
S.L. Scott
Jade West
Simone Sowood
Lulu Pratt
Kira Blakely
Cassandra Dee
RR Banks
K.C. Oliver
Isabella Starling
J.H. Croix
Jess Bentley
Eddie Cleveland
Charlotte Byrd
Amy Brent
Parker Grey
Roxie Noir
Summer Cooper
Savannah Rylan
Rye Hart
Miranda Bailey

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