Highland Wolf Pact: A Scottish Wolf Shifter Romance by Selena Kitt ($4.99)

Normally, I don’t offer books over .99 on my page, it’s just not me. But, I’m a sucker for Selena Kitt, half of writing duo known as Kit Rocha. I will scrimp and save to buy one of her books and thought, perhaps, my dear readers would like to check her out as well. I didn’t know about this series so I’ve found something new. If you get it, and like it, I definitely recommend you check out her Kit Rocha Beyond Series. You can get the first three books for $3.99,as a bundle here. As for the Highland Wolf Pact, I’d suggest clicking as fast as you can to get this one. Selena has never let me down!

Highland Wolf Pact

Sibyl Blackthorne isn’t afraid of anything—except maybe being sold into marriage to a man she doesn’t love. A man she’s never even met. A man who, by reputation, is one of Scotland’s cruelest lairds in over a century.

But what choice does she have, with her father dead and her uncle now married to his brother’s widow, putting him in charge of not only the Blackthorne fortune, but Sibyl’s future as well?

Then her betrothed turns out to actually be far worse than his reputation, so headstrong Sibyl decides life as a peasant, or even death, would be preferable to a future with such a despicable man, and makes plans to run away.

On an organized hunt for wolves—or, as the Scots call them, wulvers—Sybil escapes her fiancé’s clutches, only to find she’s run into something far more untamed and dangerous in the middle of the woods. 

When a big, brawny, long-haired man, who only speaks to her in Gaelic and calls himself Raife, simply picks her up and carries her off with him into the Scottish wild, Sibyl knows she’s in trouble. 

When he takes her to a place no human has ever been, she knows she’s gone over the edge. 

And when he, at last, marks her as his own, she discovers that only one wild heart can claim another.

Note: This book is a standalone, no cliffhanger, but part of a trilogy.

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