Witch to Choose (Heart of a Witch Book 1) by H.T. Night

Free at the time of posting, this book promises more to come. With two to choose from, a decision must be made. It’s a hard choice, but sometimes it’s so much more fun! Get Witch to Choose here.

In WITCH TO CHOOSE, Sahara, a newbie witch, must not only choose between two rivals for her heart—but also between good magic and black magic. It’s raining men…two of them, in fact. Sahara’s got the guys bewitched, beguiled and bewildered, but what’s a witch to do? Only one of them can become the man of her dreams.

As she comes into her newfound powers, Sahara discovers that magic comes with its own set of perks—and perils. And not everyone is pleased with Sahara’s path to her maximum witchy potential. As two rival witches set their sights on mentoring her rise to power, spells go awry and an evil witch will stop at nothing to turn Sahara to the addictive dark side of magic.

As the competition heats up between the men who have fallen for her, which of Sahara’s suitors will win her heart? And ultimately, which witch will she follow?

WITCH TO CHOOSE is a full-length paranormal romance novel by #1 vampire author H.T. Night and the first book in Heart of a Witch, a spellbinding series about a new witch who must choose a path to her powers…and her heart. H.T. Night is the bestselling author of more than 30 books.

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