Professor Next Door by Summer Cooper for just .99!!

Want that book that’s getting all of the buzz and has reviewers talking? I’ve found it for you dear readers! This book ticks so many boxes for so many readers. It’s been tagged as sweet, sexy, funny, tissue worthy, and so much more. It as far more than the blurb could ever tell you and I have to say…you should really get your own copy of this book while it’s just .99!!

I f*ck my students… I just can’t seem to keep it in my pants when these young sexy women throw themselves at me!

But now, I must stop behaving like such a d**k, not that my dead wife would care…

If I get caught sleeping with my students, I’ll lose my job.

And if I don’t get my s**t together, they’ll come for the only good thing in my life… my daughter.

But I have a plan to fix all that. I have a plan for the girl next door…

Author’s Note: This is a 50,000 words romance with a HEA. Story contains mature language and scenes, intended for adults only. Bonus books included for a limited time for your reading pleasure. A never before published bonus book Brit Next Door is included in this edition.


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