The Woodsman’s Baby by Eddie Cleveland (.99 Special)

Oh readers, dear readers? What can be hotter than a chance at romance with the man of your dreams? A man that writes those dreamy little stories for you! I had no idea! Go treat yourself and get a copy here! Wow! I’m just overwhelmed with the hotness here!

We all have that one person we never get over.
The one person who haunts your dreams, crushing your soul when you wake up and realize they’re gone.
The one person whose name is tattooed forever across your heart.

Like the clashing kaleidoscope of tattoos that run down his arms.
Connor McLean.
My brother’s best friend.
I’ve loved him my entire life.
And I’ve been the invisible sidekick. The pesky little girl with fluffy hair and gangly legs.
I always thought I’d grow up and he’d finally see the real me. That he’d watch the little girl blossom into a woman worthy of his love.
But he left.
Connor joined the SEALs and broke my heart.
So, when I see his familiar swagger across the bar. When his cocky smirk makes my heart flutter, I know this is my chance.
It’s wrong to deceive him. To pretend I don’t know him. But I need him to give me one night. One chance to see that I’m not a little girl anymore.
However, my secret is nothing compared to the one Connor has been holding all these years. The one that could tear us apart before we ever have a chance.

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