Sizzling Summer Love: Shifters in Love Romance Collection by V. Vaughn (Author), Liv Brywood (Author), Tasha Black (Author), Elle Thorne (Author), Mandy M. Roth (Author), Michelle M. Pillow (Author), Vivian Arend (Author), Michele Bardsley (Author), Elianne Adams (Author)

Now this is a boxset to win some hearts! On offer for .99, you can get your nine-title collection here.


Sizzling hot summer shifter romance stories in one great collection for you from some of your favorite NY Times, USA Today and bestselling authors. Perfect for your next summer read!

Claim Me Cowbear – Liv Brywood
When Sasha travels to the Curvy Bear Ranch Artist’s Retreat, she never expects to meet a kindred spirit in sexy bear shifter Jack Brock. The ruggedly handsome metal sculpture artist is everything she ever wanted in a mate. Too bad she isn’t looking for love.

Burn This! – Tasha Black
Dragon shifter Johnny Lazarus is a rockstar who’s hiding out in a luxury rehab facility to fight his inner demon… literally. As nurse Neve Whittaker struggles to unravel the mystery surrounding her newest patient, she finds herself drawn to the handsome stranger. But when things heat up, can Johnny and Neve save each other, or will they both end up getting burned?

His Secret Dragon – Élianne Adams
Her clan wants her mated–or dead–and they don’t care which. But when a sexy dragon warrior swoops in to save her, Meadow’s life explodes and she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her unborn child, even if it means leaving her toxic clan–and her true mate–behind.

Copper King – Vivian Arend
Lillie escapes to Vegas for one final hurrah before her life changes forever. Billionaire grizzly Jim Halcyon can’t resist the shy bear shifter with the coppery hair–one red hot fling, no strings attached. Only Lady Luck has some twists of fate planned for them both…

Lycan on the Edge – Michele Bardsley
Werewolf Sophie Lennox flees to Broken Heart, Oklahoma to nurse her wounds, both mental and physical. Then gorgeous warrior Trent Clayton shows up to train her to face the same enemy that nearly killed her. Huh. Turns out that battling oversized trolls is nothing compared to fighting her feelings for the bossy werewolf…

Cupid’s Enchantment (Naughty Cupid Book 1) – Michelle M. Pillow
Ilar is irritated to discover an enchanted female–a human, their ancient hunters–disrupting his Lycan Guards. One sniff of this mortal’s enchantment and the men go insane, trying to kill each for her hand. Only in making her his lover can the spell be broken.

Unbound (Bitter Falls Forever) – Elle Thorne
Glory’s the rarest of shifter types, plus she’s in seclusion, until her first and only love comes back. Except now, he’s a famous Hollywood action star and he’s bound to find out the secret she’s kept from him.

Desired by the Bear Book 1 – V. Vaughn

When polar bear shifter and model Nadia escaped the clutches of human hunters by the threads of her couture gown she was sent to The Ouellette clan of werebear in Canada to lay low. But the hunters had already put a plan in place for the Ouellette clan, and Nadia enters even more danger than before.

Broken Communication (ImmortalOutcasts) – Mandy M. Roth

Genetically alteredinto a super soldier who can shift into a wolf, Casey Black should have beenthe perfect asset–but that wasn’t to be. The scientists who conducted DNAsplicing experiments on him put a little too much wolf in his cocktail.Considered a danger to society and a risk to the survival of the secretproject, the government tried to eliminate him. The former Immortal Operativehas spent the majority of his life on the run and off the grid from the verygovernment who’d helped him be ‘all he could be’. When the sassy, headstrongwoman who makes his body burn with need vanishes, he realizes it’s not hishead, but rather his heart that is broken. And he’ll do whatever is called forto mend it.

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