The Three Suns: The Three Moons by Eden Winter

Here’s something a little different for you all out there in readerland! The Three Suns by Eden Winter…now for just .99! You can get in over here on Amazon, and if you like it, why not leave a review?

**Price valid at time of posting

In a distant world that transcends time and love, four rulers reign over the mountains, forests, land, and sea. Defying the rules of nature and their kingdoms, the vampire queen and the elf king fall in love, and nothing will ever be the same again. To avoid a devastating war, King Kainen and Queen Veri must keep their love a secret. But there is one thing standing in their way–a human by the name of Adam.

King Kainen is torn between his obligation to Queen Veri and his new found love for the human who is a foreigner in his kingdom. When Kainen chooses Adam, he soon learns that Hell hath no fury like a vampire queen scorned.

Kainen has no choice but to prepare his people for war. But when the queen falls ill and Kainen is wounded in battle, who will come to their rescue?

What lengths will Veri take in order to win back the man she swore to love for a lifetime? Just how far in time and space is she willing to travel to save him and to save herself?

Don’t miss the first installment of a series filled with magic, love, and fantasy. Be a part of the adventure, the love, and even the revenge as worlds collide and their very existence is threatened.

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