Dragon (The Clan Legacy Book 4) by J. S. Striker

Hola again, readerland! I have another book you might want to take a look at! 🙂 You have two options with this one! You can download Erik: Band of Bears from Book Funnel as a free book here at this link OR you can get Dragon (The Clan Legacy Book 4) for .99 over at Amazon at the link here. A yummy little dragon-shifter book and a werebear to call your own! How great is that? Yes, I might have done some eye fluttering there to make it all sweeter for you. Haha!

Dragon (The Clan Legacy Book 4)

A super steamy Dragon Shifter!

Red Denver couldn’t remember anything—not that she was a witch with powers, not that she was wanted, and not that she was on the run for years. Certainly not that she’d murdered the supposed love of her life in cold blood. Now she was a captive in the hands of powerful, “good” shifters who would stop at nothing to find out the truth. But all bets are off when a couple of them try to kill her. On the run, Red must face the heartbreak of her own memories—while protected by the man who was perhaps the most dangerous shifter of them all.

Henrik Mikhailov finally found the woman he’d been searching for so many years—the witch who’d mated with his best friend Malik and killed him without thought. It was a betrayal like no other, and now he could have his revenge. But things go south when someone tries to kill her first—and now, Henrik is questioning the truth. With witches and shifters and a terrible evil on their tail, they are now running and fighting for their lives…and feelings that should never, ever come to fruition.

Dragon – Henrik is the fourth book in The Clan Legacy series! It contains ridiculously hot dragons, steamy romance, and strong, vivacious women. HEA. Can be read as a standalone. Enjoy!

Erik: Band of Bears

There are dark forces attacking Valley Joy, and it’s up to Erik O’Riley to protect the town from it. Towns aren’t really his thing—until he meets his next-door-neighbor, Charlotte Brandt. She’s a little spitfire who’s pleasant to the eyes and irritating to the ears, and she wants nothing to do with him.

And he wants everything to do with her. All night long.

It’s an inconvenience, really—one he doesn’t need. So Erik tries to fight the attraction. And he tries to solve the town problem. But when the dark forces loom close and Charlotte’s life is in danger, what starts out as a mission turns into something more as he fights to protect the life of the one woman he could never, ever lose…

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