Wolf Trap. The Billionaire Bear Series by Emma Night

This one, it seems, is book two in a series by Emma Night. Interesting! Need something to do on your Saturday afternoon? Pick up a copy here and leave Ms. Night a review! 🙂

**Just be sure to check the price, that is subject to change without notice. It’s free at the time of posting!

A Bear and Wolf Shapeshifter Romance

This book can be read as a standalone or book 2 in the series.

Ian Wolfsblood, leader of one of the most influential clans of the Wolves has always been hell bent on a war against humans and their allies. The Bears have long stood in his way until now…
A tenuous peace is offered but nothing has ever been more dangerous.
Helena Wolfsblood is the only daughter of her father Ian, is offered as a peace gesture to the Bears. The price of averting war is her hand in marriage to Logan Bowen, the only son of the leader of the Bears.

Book 1: The Billionaire Bear Takes His Mate – Standalone

Book 2:Wolf Trap – Standalone

Book 3: Deception – Standalone

Bonus Books Included

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