And Jericho Burned: Toke Lobo and The Pack-MJ Compton

::Fans Face:: Now, this one has something special, the love between two sisters and the lengths they will go to for each other. You should give this one a read and show MJ some love! Don’t forget, reviews are important on Amazon, so if an author lets you read their work for free you should definitely leave a review! 🙂 The link is here.

**Keep an eye out for price before you buy! Amazon or the author can change the price without notice!

Lucy Callahan will do anything to rescue her sister from a cult, even marry a werewolf she’s just met. But the werewolves are working undercover for the government, and Lucy fears a confrontation between the agents and the cult could be deadly.

Stoker Smith longs to be the best thing that ever happened to his human mate. He wants to take her home, start their family, and compose his music. And although his pack’s treaty with the government says he doesn’t have to work undercover now that he’s mated, he promised Lucy he’d get her sister out of the cult’s heavily armed compound. Lucy’s sister is now family and to a werewolf, family is everything.

But Operation Jericho quickly turns ugly, thrusting Lucy into the middle of her worst nightmare, where she must choose: her sister or her husband.

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